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"Years will change. Your Mahindra will not."

Mahindra "Maxicare" offers a unique combination of value added treatments providing protection as well as beautification to your vehicle:

1. Maxicare Paint Protection Systems are Exterior Beautification and Surface Refinement treatment which restores showroom-like gloss of the paint surface and involves polishing and coating to protect paint  surface from oxidation as well as cleaning & dressing of all exterior surfaces.

2. Maxicare Interior Enrichment Systems are Interior Upholstery cleaning and enrichment treatment using  special upholstery cleaning foams and fluids and involves cleaning & dressing of all upholstery & interior  surfaces. The program disinfects and ensures stain free interiors and thereby extends upholstery life.

3. Maxicare Premium Underbody Protection System is an anti-corrosion treatment to protect your car  underbody.

4. Maxicare Engine Coating System is a treatment involving cleaning, dressing and coating of the engine  compartment to give glossy, new look, resist dust and easy clean of engine compartment.

5. Maxicare Internal Panel Protection System is a special cavity wax application treatment for all the inner  panels of doors, trunk, hood and rocker panel for long term rust protection.

6. Maxicare programs are specially designed for your Mahindra vehicle and they come with the assurance of  providing quality and value for money through usage of recommended products and application procedure.Various options are available depending on your specific requirement. For more details, ask your service advisor.